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Do our podcasts inspire you to start your own podcast? Here at Finyal Media we know that getting the right equipment can be a long and confusing process. Where do you start? Which product is better? Where can you get it from? We've prepared a list of items from to help make the process easier. Scroll through and find out the products we've been using and love! Clicking on the images or titles will take you to their amazon pages.


$399.00 by Shure

A great microphone is where great podcasting starts. Clear, crisp sound is a must to showcase the quality of your podcast, not just in content - but also in sound. 

For us, the choice was easy. We needed the Shure SM7B! 


$9.50 by Neewer

Help position the mic on the table to get the best distance from yourself assuring quality, because not all of us have fancy overhead microphone holders!


$7.19 by AmazonBasics

These cables help connect the microphone to the recorder.


$439.99 by Zoom

This little portable recorder is of great quality on it's own when you're on the move. That's how we record the bits and snippets outside the studio. Connecting your other microphone with this means you have somewhere to store all the audio you record!


$24.53 by SanDisk

Finally, you're going to need a place to keep all your audio files to be able to transfer them later and start on fixing and tweaking your show the way you want to! This memory card ensures a large enough memory space, the best write-in speed, and makes sure you don't accidentally lose your audio!

Editing your audio files are easy with Audacity's open-source, cross-platform software that's free to download and use!