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©2019 by Finyal Media. Created by Dilara B. H.


Finyal Media is a production business based in Dubai which creates podcast content for young Arabs across MENA. It is the first company in the Middle East to be creating and monetizing an entire network of podcast series specifically for Arab listeners. The company was founded in 2018 by Mshari Alonaizy and Majid AlQassimi with the intention of telling stories to help young people reconnect with the Arab world. They strongly believe that the current media landscape is not championing our local culture in a modern way that is palatable to the younger generation and their podcasts aim to bridge the gap. 


Mshari Alonaizy 

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer

Mshari is the creative force behind Finyal Media, having kickstarted the business with the creation of his original podcast, Millennial Mirrors. Following the success of his podcasting experiment, Mshari decided to turn his passion project into a business with the launch of Finyal Media. Prior to establishing Finyal, Mshari held several senior management positions in Kuwaiti businesses such as Abyat Megastore and NTEC. He is also a certified coach and holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship from University of Southampton.

Majid AlQasimi

Co-founder & Chief People Officer

Dr. Majid Sultan Al Qassimi is responsible for all things people at Finyal Media, having co-founded the business alongside his day job at the Ministry of Climate of Change and Environment. Majid is a qualified veterinarian, holds multiple Board Member positions and plays a prominent role in supporting veterinary education and awareness across the UAE. He is an avid podcast consumer, consummate networker and co-host of Finyal’s anchor show, Yalla!

Leila Hamadeh Alanani 

Chief Executive Officer

Leila is the CEO of Finyal Media, where she is responsible for managing and driving overall growth of the business. She has extensive experience in the media & telecom industry, having worked as a management consultant and in-house strategy expert for companies in Europe and the Middle East, including OSN, FremantleMedia, Etisalat and Value Partners. Leila holds a BA from Oxford University and Executive MBA from London Business School.